APU Apustaja: Official Sponsor Of Matchroom Boxing Matias Vs Paro

14 Jun 2024

The management of the Apu Apustaja crypto token has announced that it will be sponsoring the Matchroom Boxing fight card between Subriel Matias and Liam Paro, broadcast live on DAZN on Saturday, the 15th of June 2024.

The Fight

This fight has been heavily anticipated as it will see Australian fighter Paro go up against Matias for the IBF World Junior Welterweight title at the Coliseo Juan Aubin Cruz Abreu in Manati, Puerto Rico. It will be Matias’s first fight in his hometown since 2019, and both he and his opponent have bragged about their chances of winning. Fans are waiting with bated breath to see who will come out on top, and APU Apustaja is proud to support the event.

What is APU?

The token creators know all about surviving in a competitive industry, as $APU is a meme coin. It all centers around Apu, a frienly frog who also goes by the name Helper. Unlike a lot of other tokens in the meme coin space, $APU is designed to be high-quality and offer utility to its users. It is fully community-owned, and all major developments within the ecosystem are collectively decided upon.

So far, $APU-related projects include a game and a playlist on Spotify that has been made with the input of its community. This is in line with the creation of the Apu character, who came to life in 2016 as an internet character with no individual owner.

The $APU token has quickly become an industry favorite, with listings on over 10 centralized crypto exchanges. Its management has also secured its APU.com domain, along with ads all over the New York area. This, along with the passionate community behind it, has seen $APU rising fast in the meme coin world, and some industry experts expect it to become one of the biggest tokens soon.

As it continues to progress, $APU continues to keep the community at the forefront. Besides being transparent about the inner workings of the token and giving the community control, APU Apustaja is also proactive about getting involved in entertainment events like the Matias-Paro fight.

About Apu Apustaja

Apu Apustaja is a fast-rising meme coin that is community-centered while trying to bring substance and positivity to the world of meme tokens. Based on the Ethereum blockchain, it has quickly become a fan favorite, with games, playlists, ads, and participation in real-world events. Apu Apustaja represents a positive and engaging space for meme and crypto lovers to connect with one another and enjoy all the benefits of blockchain technology.




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