Choosing a City Based on Internet Speed: Why It Matters

9 Jul 2024

The need for speed is no longer the domain for athletes attempting to break records. Instead, internet speed can make or break our daily experiences. As more and more people work from home, reliable, high-speed internet is becoming a must.

The Challenge: Finding Accurate Lists of City Internet Speeds

Many online lists that rank cities by internet speeds often fall short for several reasons. Some of these lists rely on outdated data that fail to provide an accurate picture of what you may experience once you move to that area. Others may use a limited set of metrics. Additionally, many lists need to consider the availability and consistency of internet service providers (ISPs) across different neighborhoods within a city.

ISP Report’s Solution

The ISP Report list stands out due to its comprehensive approach and up-to-date information. Unlike many other lists, the ISP Report includes many metrics, ensuring a holistic view of internet performance. The report is frequently updated, providing the most current data available. Furthermore, the ISP Report considers the availability and reliability of ISPs in different parts of each city, giving a more accurate reflection of what residents can expect.

How to Choose a City Based on Internet Speed

Below are four tips to help choose a city based on internet speed:

1. Research Average Internet Speeds

Look up the average internet speeds in the cities you’re considering. ISP reports easily allow you to download the speed and the number of internet service providers using a zip code, city, or address.

2. Check ISP Availability

Not all internet service providers offer the same speeds in every city. As a result, it is essential that you first check which ISPs operate in the areas you’re interested in. Next, compare their speed offerings. In addition, some cities might have access to fiber-optic internet, which can generally provide the fastest speeds.

3. Read Reviews

Reviews and testimonials from residents in the cities you’re considering from ISP Reports can provide trustworthy insights from real customers regarding the reliability and consistency of the internet service in different neighborhoods.

4. Consider Your Needs

Consider your internet usage and the required speed for your needs. For instance, if you work remotely and often upload large files or engage in video calls, you may require higher speeds compared to someone who uses the internet primarily for browsing and streaming.

Leading Cities with the Fastest Internet

If you are thinking about moving and you need high internet speed, whether for your job or for any other reason, you may want to consider the top 10 metropolitan cities with the fastest internet speeds. Coming in at the #1 spot is Salt Lake City, UT, which has become a desirable location for tech professionals, gamers, and anyone who needs a fast internet connection. New York, NY, and San Francisco, CA, also come in high on the list, with both appearing in the top five cities with the fastest internet speeds.

To see all the providers within a city, visit ISP Reports’ Internet providers on a specific city’s page.

Unless your internet usage is minimal, it unquestionably matters to include the internet speed of different cities in your decision-making process before making a move. By accessing up-to-date, accurate information from sites like ISP Reports, you can decide where to live and enjoy the internet speed that best suits your lifestyle.