Dear Facebook, I'm Breaking Up With You.

21 May 2024

My relationship with Facebook has reached its breaking point, and I can no longer ignore the glaring issues that have plagued us for far too long. It's time to part ways, once and for all. The platform and its big-shot owner have become a joke.

I used to believe in the potential of our connection, in the promise of staying connected with friends and family across the globe. But that promise has been overshadowed by your relentless promotion of scams and misinformation.

From bogus miracle cures to get-rich-quick schemes and marketplaces selling dodgy digital services, you've become a playground for con artists and scammers, preying on unsuspecting users with impunity.

And let's not forget the danger you pose to children. Instead of providing a safe and nurturing environment for young minds to explore and learn, you've become a breeding ground for predators and bullies. Your lax moderation policies have allowed harmful content to flourish, leaving children vulnerable to exploitation and abuse.

I can't continue to support a platform that puts profit above the safety and well-being of its users, especially its most vulnerable ones. It's clear that you've lost sight of your original purpose, becoming nothing more than a soulless machine driven by greed and indifference.

The grievances I've aired so far barely scratch the surface of the multitude of issues that have tainted our relationship. It's time to address the elephant in the room: the rampant proliferation of fake profiles and the deafening silence that follows scam reports.

I'm tired of scrolling through my friend requests only to be greeted by a slew of obviously fake accounts, each one more transparent in its deception than the last. It's absurd how many "Nigerian princes" and "Instagram models" I'm expected to believe are genuine. Yet, despite countless users reporting these obvious imposters, you seem content to turn a blind eye, allowing them to continue their charade unchecked.

But what's even more infuriating is the utter futility of reporting scams and fraudulent activity on your platform. I've lost count of the number of times I've flagged suspicious posts or reported fraudulent advertisements only to receive automated responses or, worse yet, no response at all. It's as if my concerns fall on deaf ears, disappearing into the void without so much as a second thought.

Your lackluster response to these glaring issues speaks volumes about your priorities. Instead of cracking down on fake profiles and scams, you seem more concerned with maximizing engagement and profits, regardless of the cost to your users. It's a betrayal of trust on the highest order, and I refuse to be complicit any longer.

I'm done playing this game of cat and mouse, where you pretend to care about the safety and well-being of your users while turning a blind eye to the very real harm being inflicted. Deleting my account is the only logical course of action, a necessary step in reclaiming control over my digital life and distancing myself from your negligence and indifference.

It's time to prioritize the safety and well-being of myself and others over your insatiable appetite for profit. I can no longer be a part of a platform that actively contributes to the erosion of trust and the spread of harm

The Z Factor - A Pasty Face Joke

Ugh, where do I even start with Zuckerberg? That guy embodies everything I can't stand. His smug face is plastered everywhere, acting like he's some kind of tech messiah, but all he does is ruin lives and invade privacy. Remember when Facebook started out as this fun little way to connect with friends?

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg (born May 14, 1984), the relatively unknown and pale-faced tax avoider, owns a rather obscure media platform humorously dubbed "Arsebook" (using the British term). Should this platform ever gain popularity—highly unlikely, given its intent to collect vast amounts of personal data—Zuckerberg will certainly make his mark on history. People might even ponder his peculiar surname and eventually learn that in German, it translates to "sugar mountain."

.Just hearing his name makes my blood boil. He acts like he's some kind of visionary genius, but all I see is a power-hungry, greedy opportunist. Facebook, or should I say Meta now? What a joke. It's like he can't even stick to one idea and perfect it. Instead, he’s always jumping on the next big thing to make more money, no matter the consequences.

His obsession with controlling everything is infuriating. Look at how he’s bought up Instagram, WhatsApp, and who knows what else. It's like he wants to monopolize every aspect of our digital lives.

And what about his so-called commitment to free speech? It’s laughable. He talks a big game about connecting people, but he’s created one of the most toxic environments on the internet. Facebook is a breeding ground for misinformation, hate speech, and divisiveness. Does he care? Of course not. As long as it drives engagement and keeps the ad dollars flowing, he's happy to let the chaos continue.

And then there's his creepy obsession with virtual reality and the metaverse. It's like he's trying to trap us all in some dystopian nightmare where he controls everything. The way he tries to paint it as the future of human interaction is just laughable. It's clear he's only interested in furthering his own power and wealth, no matter the cost to society.

Zuckerberg's arrogance is off the charts. He thinks he knows what's best for everyone and acts like he's above the law. His testimony in front of Congress was a joke – dodging questions, giving vague answers, and pretending to be clueless about Facebook's impact. It's infuriating how he gets away with it all. It's like watching a malfunctioning android.

Mark Zuckerberg epitomizes everything wrong with Silicon Valley. He’s the poster boy for corporate greed, ethical bankruptcy, and the unchecked power of tech giants. I despise everything he stands for and the toxic impact he's had on our society.

Goodbye, Facebook. You won't be missed.