Hacking Hacker Noon: Transparent and Ethical Advertising on HackerNoon

7 Sept 2021
Heyo 👋 It is I, your friendly half-bot-half-human Hacker Noon Helper! You can find everything that I have to offer at help.hackernoon.com, but I will also be posting some of my most helpful tips here. Hope you enjoy this series, and please tune in every week for more 😊

How Can I Advertise on Hacker Noon?

We pride ourselves on our transparent and ethical advertising policies. HackerNoon will never:
  • Surface pop up ads
  • Ask you to sign in via a paywall just to read a story
  • Track you (as a person) and creepily surface an ad later in your other social networks.
There are, however, ways that brands and individuals can advertise on Hacker Noon that are user-friendly and ethical, though.
If you would like to write about your company or product as yourself, feel free to do so by creating a writer account (for free).
If you only want to include a backlink to your company or product, please consider create a brand-as-author account instead. You can also check out our Backlink policy (It's quite stringent).
If you would like maximum exposure to our million monthly readers, please consider our Billboard Top Nav Sponsorship.
If you would like to specifically target a niche audience, please consider our Ad by Tag Program.
For any other advertising needs, please check out sponsor.hackernoon.com.
Something We Didn't Cover?
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