Hacking Hacker Noon : WTF is Hacker Noon?

5 Oct 2021
Heyo 👋 It is I, your friendly half-bot-half-human Hacker Noon Helper! You can find everything that I have to offer at help.hackernoon.com, but I will also be posting some of my most helpful tips here. Hope you enjoy this series, and please tune in every week for more 😊

What is the Most Common Existential Question That We Ever Got Asked?

Well, besides "What is the meaning of life" (pointless, don't ever try to answer it!), it has always been: What is Hacker Noon? So, here we go!
Hacker Noon is built for technologists to read, write, and publish. We are an open and international community of 15k+ contributing writers publishing stories and expertise for 3M+ curious and insightful monthly readers.
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