Meet Brave: HackerNoon Company of the Week

26 Jun 2024

Welcome to another Company of the Week feature! Every week, we feature an awesome tech brand from our tech company database, making their evergreen mark on the internet. This unique HackerNoon database ranks S&P 500 companies and top startups of the year alike.

This week, we’re proud to presentBrave! Brave is on a mission to protect users’ privacy online. They make a suite of internet privacy tools—including browser and search engine—that shield users from the ads, trackers, and other creepy stuff trying to follow us across the web. 50 million people switched to Brave for a faster, more private web—hundreds of thousands more sign up every day.

Meet Brave

Here's how Brave introduces themselves, in their own words:

We’re a team of web pioneers. We remember ad-free pages. We remember when Google said “Don’t be evil” and actually meant it. We remember what the web was meant to be…and we’re fighting to restore that original vision. For privacy, neutrality, openness, and most of all freedom.

For us, “privacy” isn’t just marketing. It’s real, tangible fixes. Our world-class engineering, security, and research team’s core mission is to safeguard your data, not take it—to close data loopholes, not open them. Every single day we discover new vulnerabilities and new schemes by Big Tech. Every single day we work to shield you from those schemes, and build those shields directly into our products. Because privacy should be easy. It should take 60 seconds or less.

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Here is how our ads work:

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