Mr. Black to Reveal 21,000-Piece Ordinal Art Collection on Bitcoin Blockchain

28 Jun 2024

The enigmatic artist known as Mr. Black, who has captured public attention with cryptic messages displayed on trucks in Washington D.C., Boston, and New York City, is set to reveal a groundbreaking art collection. This upcoming collection comprises 21,000 Ordinal NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain, marking a significant venture into the digital art space.

Mr. Black’s mysterious visuals, featuring a skeleton with varying eye colors and crying tears alongside a blackbird, have been seen by countless passersby. The messages, featuring a daily countdown and the words “Prophetia Vera” (Latin for “True Prophecy”), have sparked widespread curiosity and speculation. These images, combined with QR codes leading to Mr. Black’s X profile, have created a buzz about an impending event or revelation.

Before these trucks appeared, Mr. Black’s posters and stickers were spotted in major cities worldwide, including Jerusalem, Rome, Mexico City, Paris, and Tel Aviv. Each piece of art has contributed to building anticipation for Mr. Black’s next move.

Now, it’s clear what Mr. Black has been leading up to: a massive 21,000-piece Ordinals art collection on the Bitcoin blockchain. This collection, leveraging the security and transparency of blockchain technology, represents a fusion of traditional art with the innovative world of digital assets. Each piece will be uniquely inscribed on the blockchain, making them immutable and verifiable.

Throughout the buildup, Mr. Black has maintained a notable silence, only recently breaking it with cryptic photos and videos posted to his X profile. These new posts add to the mystery and hype surrounding the upcoming reveal, providing tantalizing glimpses into his thought process and artistic vision.

The anticipation surrounding Mr. Black’s upcoming collection has only grown. The connection between the public displays and the upcoming digital collection adds another layer of depth to his enigmatic persona.

As the countdown to the collection’s reveal continues, the art world waits eagerly. One thing is certain: Mr. Black’s venture into the digital realm is set to leave a lasting impact, further solidifying his reputation as a provocateur and innovator in the art community.

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